Golf Holidays for Groups

Group golf holidays are available with The Golf Travel People at all our golf hotels and golf resorts and we can put together bespoke itineraries for groups of all shapes and sizes!

We always offer a group discount for groups of more than 8 golfers and this is offered on a pro-rata basis if your group is over 8 persons, so therefore you benefit from additional discounts for a group that is not always an exact multiple of 8 people.

In addition we will be able to combine our group discounts with any other group discounts that are offered by our golf resort, golf hotel and golf course partners, so your final price could be up to 25% lower than our standard rates!

Here at The Golf Travel People we are quite aware that some of the larger golf travel companies offer little gimmicks or incentives for group bookings, but we feel that these will always have a cost that has to be clawed back somewhere by the company, so in the end you will end up paying for that incentive!

As an honest Yorkshire-based business we feel that a lower bottom-line price will be better for your group than a voucher for last years most unpopular driver or a box of bullet-like golf balls, so do get in touch and we will ensure that our groups specialists will find you the most suitable venue and best available price in combination with our world-class customer service to take some of the strain away from you as the group leader.

Group golf holidays are supposed to be fun and enjoyable times for the group leader and organiser as well as for those people who just sign-up to join the trip, so we will work diligently to ensure that as much of the burden as possible is removed from the shoulders of the group leader!

Typical Offers for groups are as follows:

Note that offers from the hotels are not usually combinable with each other, but will be combined with the The Golf Travel People group discounts.

  • 1 free place in 8 from the hotel, golf course or golf resort
  • Percentage based group discounts from the hotel, golf course or golf resort
  • Upgraded rooms for the group leaders (on request and subject to availability)
  • Special meals and drinks packages available
  • Gala Presentation Dinners at the end of your holiday
  • 1 free place in 8 (pro-rata for groups of more than 8 people) from The Golf Travel People

Check our some of our TrustPilot reviews below to see what some group leaders have to say about our group golf holidays services – you are certain not to be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Group Golf Holiday Questions

Yes - absolutely - we will always pass on 100% of any group discounts that are available from our supplier partners, plus we also offer a Golf Travel People group discount which when combined with the usual 1 free place in 8 from the hotels and golf courses can amount to up to 25% discount over standard pricing for groups of less than 8 people!

We will be happy to price up your itinerary splitting the pricing in any way as directed by the group leader. You will have worked hard to get your group together and agreed on the destination for your golf holiday, so if you need the pricing to show - for example - 7 paying guests and 1 free place for the group leader we are of course happy to display it this way.

No, if you are a single travelling golfer or a group of 200 from your golf club then we have the tools to build an itinerary to suit. Our record group size to date was 280 to El Rompido a few years ago, so we are quite used to working with larger groups. However, groups larger than 16 people will usually need to be quoted by our groups department and the pricing may vary from the standard advertised package offers at many of our resorts.

Yes, of course, no problem. We can provide separate costs for the golfers and non-golfers in your group, but of course if the final number of golfers in the group is less than 8, then any 1 free in 8 discounts for the golf would be lost. On occasion it is actually worth booking everyone as a golfer even if they aren't all going to play as it can work out more cost-effective in the end that way! Our groups department will be happy to advise if this is the case. Don't forget that most hotels and golf resorts will charge a single supplement for single occupancy rooms too.

The simplest answer to this question is that all-inclusive is usually the board tariff most suited to a group golf break as it means no-one is buying a large round of drinks and some group members getting away without buying their round! Golf holidays in Turkey tend to offer the greatest selection of all-inclusive resorts, but plenty of other destinations now feature all-inclusive golf hotels too. However, semi-all-inclusive options are very popular for golf breaks nowadays as they offer most of the benefits of all-inclusive but miss out the lunches and drinks during the daytime as that is when you will generally be out on the golf course. But of course - only you really know what your group will want, so let us know and we will be pleased to recommend the best options in terms of the accommodation and board tariff, and we can also recommend restaurants and make reservations for you if you wish.

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