What do beginners need for their first golf tuition holiday?

Published on 16th April 2020 by Dan Thomson

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Taking up golf can be one of the most exciting sports but also frustrating, to start. For many, there’s not better idea than booking onto a golf tuition holiday to learn everything you need to and put practice into reality. Golf tuition holidays abroad allow beginners a chance to practice in warm and mild climates, without having to have the worry of playing golf against some of the gales and rain that we often face in the UK. With this in mind, we’ve put together some helpful tips for those about to go on their first golf tuition holiday:

What time of year should I go?

It’s more than likely that if you fancy learning to play golf abroad, that you’ll be looking for warm weather and a lot of sun, and therefore you may want to look at booking your tuition between April and September, to make the most of the high temperatures in places like Spain & Portugal. However, if you are slightly anxious about learning during peak periods autumn and early spring may be more convenient, quieter on the course and will also be cheaper.

What should I bring?

Naturally for a golfing holiday you’ll be taking more luggage than you would usually for a jaunt to the beach, however we would recommend that you try to limit the amount of bags due to the increasing costs with most airlines. Therefore, perhaps take one check in luggage and your golf bag. We would also advise that you don’t try to fit all your clothes and accessories into your golf bag, as this could make it difficult to carry and also add some unnecessary wear and tear! Avoid having to pay additional costs when you get there by packing tees, balls, glove, golf shoes, and of course, your clubs. Pack plenty of suitable clothes (check if there’s a dress code at the courses you might be playing at) for warm weather but always pack a wet weather option like a waterproof jersey or windbreaker, just in case!


How much should I budget for?

Your budget will depend on where you want to visit for the tuition and also what you want to experience whilst on your break. Many resorts have restaurants and bars on site, if you want to focus entirely on golf, whilst others have self-catering apartments so you can keep costs down. However, naturally if you wanted to head to a resort and also visit the surrounding areas be it for beaches, food or nightlife your budget will increase greatly. The main thing you should consider is what type of holiday you want and let this dictate how much you are willing to spend.

Don’t lose your confidence!

Perhaps the most important thing to remember, is that you are a beginner and therefore not expected to be Tiger Woods yet! Don’t lose confidence if you are struggling, as this is something everyone goes through. Just keep practising and focusing and the difference between day one and day seven will be huge! Moreover, golf is just as much about mentality as technique and therefore try to remain calm without as you’ll have a better chance of retaining knowledge and perfecting your short game and swing. Your teacher is there to help, so don’t be worried about asking any questions or requesting some extra work on anything you feel particularly concerned about and most importantly, remember to have fun and soak up the experience.

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