Golf bag luggage allowance & costs by airline

Published on 1st March 2021 by Dan Thomson

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Golf bags will always need to be checked in when boarding the plane. They are far too large to place in the cabin. Most airlines, such as the ones below, will allow you to substitute a luggage bag for a golf bag. This means you can reduce your overall expenditures by doing this and packing clothes into hand luggage that you can bring on to the plane.

If you want to check in a large bag and golf clubs, then you can expect additional charges. Please see below then cost of checking in a piece of luggage for these major UK airlines.


AirlineMaximum WeightCost of Golf Luggage (each way)Additional Information
Ryanair20kg£30Fee charged per Item/ Per one way flight. Maximum weight 20kg. If you check-in at the Airport the cost will increase to £40.
British Airways32kg£30If you carry your golf umbrella or parasol separately, it counts as an extra item of checked baggage and you may have to pay if you are over your free baggage allowance. If you check-in at the Airport the cost will increase to £65.
EasyJet20kg£37Items up to a maximum of 20kg. If you check-in at the Airport the cost will increase to £47.
Iberia Air23kg£40Golf clubs should be well-fastened inside their bag, so they do not bother or injure other passengers during boarding, carriage, and disembarkation.
Aer Lingus23kg£40For business class passengers, sports equipment is carried free of charge.
For Long Haul flights to the US, the cost increases to £75.
TUI23kg£27-30For Long Haul flights the cost increases to £32.
Virgin Atlantic23kg£45This is for Economy Light. Prices vary depending on the class. You can take a piece of sports equipment in place of one of your bags if your ticket already includes check-in baggage allowance.

If you have any further questions regarding luggage make sure to visit the website and research their baggage policies before booking.

Pricing accurate as of January 2021.

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