Best Golfing Technology for 2018

Published on 9th April 2018 by Andrew Finney

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Best Golfing Technology for 2018

Golf has come a long way since the days of pencil golf bags and hickory golf clubs. Technology is being seen on the course more and more with devices such as GPS watches, battery-powered trolleys and data analysis software becoming common. Technology isn’t just restricted to the course either, smart phones are starting to become valuable teaching tools and home technology is allowing amateur golfers to practice in their backyard. With this in mind we’ve put together some of our favourite new pieces of golf technology in 2018. Take a look…

Shot Tracer – iPhone app

We start with perhaps the cheapest and most influential piece of technology of 2018 – the Shot Tracer app. Available of smartphone devices, the app uses the inbuilt phone camera to create the same tracer line we’re all used to seeing on TV broadcasts. Not only is the app easy to use and extremely fun to play with, it is very helpful for tracing drives directly into sunlight and giving you an idea of your ball flight so that you can adjust your swing accordingly.

Stewart Golf X9 Follow

Every golfer knows that carrying or pushing your own golf trolley about can be a laborious and potentially hazardous task (we’ve all seen our trolley roll into the distance, or bunker, unattended when it’s been left on drive mode by accident). The Stewart Golf X9 Follow however uses Bluetooth to follow you about the golf course. Golfers simply press the follow button on the remote and walk in front of it and the trolley will follow.

Zepp Golf 2

This clever system has a glove, app and clip on sensor to collect data about your swing and transfer it automatically to your app via Bluetooth. You can then start to measure swing plane movements, hip turn, power and direction to better understand what’s going on in your swing when you’re down at the driving range or on the course. This is an ideal piece of kit for golfers looking to add a few more yards to their swing.

Putt Out

This simple but effective piece of plastic is genius. The Putt Out system is very affordable and simply lets you practice putting. You aim at the ramp and when you hit the spot, it flicks the ball back to you. The really neat feature of this system is that it will roll back the ball the same distance the ball would’ve travelled had it not made contact, meaning that you can learn how fast you’re putting the ball.

Game Golf Live Tracking

The Game Golf Live Tracking system is a brilliant real-time shot tracking device that you can easily add to the end of your club. Its tiny sensors monitor and manage your golf data so that you can upload it to the system later on to analyse. Find out how you’ve navigated the course, what shots went right or left, how far you hit it and try spot patterns in your play to improve your golf.

There you have it – our top 5 best pieces of golf technology for 2018. At varying costs and sizes, there is surely something for everyone. Whether you want to improve your game using data or simply want more putting practice, our technology list has it all.

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