Important note: due to the fast moving nature of this crisis and frequent amendments and variations to the official guidance for travel companies, please note that we reserve the right to amend, vary or cancel without notice any or all of the guidance below at any time in line with the latest updates from governments and other statutory bodies such as our insurers, ABTA etc.

With travel opportunities now becoming available it is worth us pointing out the following:

Entry Requirements at your Place of Destination

Due to Covid 19 there may be additional ‘entry requirements’ that you must comply with before travelling to your destination.  This may include:

  • Submitting a form to provide various information either before departure or on arrival
  • The need to produce a negative covid-19 test before departure
  • The need to take one or more covid-19 tests during your holiday
  • The need to quarantine on arrival

In addition to this you should check the usual requirements such as passports and VISA’s.

It is your responsibility to check all of the requirements for your holiday destination before you travel.  The UK government has a lot of useful guidance on the current ‘entry requirements’ for each country here.

Entry Requirements on Return to your Home Country

The UK government has introduced a ‘traffic light scheme’ which sets out additional ‘entry requirements’ that you must comply with before you return to the UK.  This may include:

  • Submitting a form to provide various information either before departure or on arrival
  • The need to produce a negative Covid-19 test before departure
  • The need to take one or more Covid-19 tests after you return
  • The need to quarantine on arrival home

It is your responsibility to check all of the requirements for your holiday destination before you return to the UK.  The UK government has a lot of useful guidance on the current ‘entry requirements’ here.


Qured are a leading healthcare provider in travel and workplace testing. They understand the travel industry and its complexities and can be reactive very quickly to government changes. Qured currently partner with British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Travelopia and American Airlines to name a few.

This PDF: Qured _ Protected Trust Services Testing Services details the service offered for testing kits and the costs involved. The Lateral Flow Tests (LFT) are extremely competitive and include a video call with a approved health advisor at a chosen time pre-departure back to the UK. We appreciate there are other testing suppliers available to work with and leave this as a decision for you to make. Full details of purchasing and booking the tests can be found on the PDF.  Please note that The Golf Travel People take no responsibility and bear no liability for any issues or problems you may encounter when using this service as Querd is an entirely 3rd party and fully independent provider.  Any issues that may arise must be taken up directly with Qured.

Use the code PTS10 for discounted prices.


The key thing that you need as a travel booker right now is that you can plan a trip with The Golf Travel People safe in the knowledge that if the Covid-19 crisis affects your travel plans that you will not lose out in any way, and that your payments and holiday plans are secure.

Please do take a look at our TrustPilot profile page for genuine customer feedback regarding how disrupted bookings have been handled by The Golf Travel People

We have a number of reassurances to offer regarding bookings disrupted by government restrictions due to Covid-19*:

  1. all new bookings are covered against our financial failure in line with the Package Travel Regulations:
  2. if your booking is directly affected by Covid-19 government restrictions either in your home or destination country then we will work with you to ensure that your booking is:

a) rebooked for a suitable date in the future (please note that different dates can obviously mean a different price, but generally if the booking is moved exactly 1 year back then we can usually offer roughly the same price as the original booking – dependent on any supplier price changes year-on-year; we will advise on this at the point we are informed of your preferred new dates for the rebooking).
b) credited in full by way of a protected credit note for a future rebooking.  Your funds remain on account with us and continue to be fully protected against our financial failure and we will rebook your trip at a date and time you advise us of, whenever you are ready to do so.  Note again that we cannot guarantee that the rebooking will be exactly the same price as the original trip booked, but generally if the booking is moved exactly 1 year back then we can usually offer roughly the same price as the original booking – dependent on any supplier price changes year-on-year.

3. In line with the Package Travel Regulations and other consumer law you are of course entitled to a full refund of monies paid if you choose not to accept either option a or b above.  If this is your choice, the refund will be made within 2 weeks of your cancelled travel date via the same payment method used for the original payment (except in instances where a card payment was processed more than 365 days prior, in which case we will make secure arrangements for a bank transfer; ID and other proofs will be required).  The 2 week time limit for refunds is our statutory obligation to you, but in all cases up to now refunds have been paid almost immediately.
4. If your flights are changed or cancelled by your airline, please let us know as soon as possible.  We will work with you to find an alternative destination which you can access, alternative dates or offer a credit for a future rebooking.
5. If you have to change your travel plans, please note that you are not limited to rebooking to the same venue or destination and in most cases we can amend the plans to enable access to venues that are likely to be available or you feel more confident in visiting.
6. Throughout the Covid-19 crisis we have learnt that each disrupted booking is at least marginally different from the next and therefore we are very prepared to discuss each and every one of your concerns to find you a good solution.  Therefore we are very happy to hear from you, so just pick up the phone and let’s talk…!

* If your booking is beyond the scope of current restrictions, but you wish to make amendments to your booking we will do all possible to accommodate your requests, but in certain cases this is not always possible and our standard terms and conditions will apply.

Documents will be added as soon they are published

The good news is that many of our supplier partners throughout Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, South Africa, Ireland etc are now beginning to open their doors to visitors, so slowly the golf travel industry is getting back to the “new normal” that we will all find upon our return to golf and travel.

Many of our supplier partners who supply accommodation and golf, plus other services to us and our clients have taken time during the lockdown period to formulate new guidance and strategies on how guests will be kept safe and reassured in the immediate future following reopening taking place.

The following is a library of documentation that may assist in this reassurance to help give you confidence for your booked trip or to place a new booking with us and our suppliers soon:


Click here for a comprehensive guide to the current Covid-19 status of all EU member countries


07/06/21 Latest Canary Islands entry requirements update:

Latest entry requirements to Spain: UPDATE REGULATION ENTRY TO SPAIN FROM UK VALID FROM 240521

27/05/21 – latest Tenerife Tourism statement: 2705 STATEMENT FROM TENERIFE TOURISM CORPORATION

15/01/2021 INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL INSURANCE FOR ANDALUSIA – Enjoy Andalusia with complete safety

Andalusia provides all non-resident international travellers with free Covid insurance for stays at any type of regulated establishment* in the region between 1 January and 31 December 2021. – Click Here for full details

For Canary Islands Government info regarding pre-arrival Covid-19 testing click here: EMAIL_INFO_COVID_ingles, Updated info 11/12/20 and as follows:

In order to guarantee safe holidays for everyone in the Canary Islands, all visitors that stay in a tourist establishment will need to present a certificate that demonstrates the completion of a diagnostic test for active infection by COVID-19 with a negative result as of November 14 2020.
The test must have been carried out in the previous 72 hours and be approved by the health authorities of your home country or the EU.
It will be mandatory for all people over 6 years old
The certificate may be presented in digital or paper format (we bet for digital option for sustainable reason). The certificate is issued in the country of origin by the authorized centre.
✅  It is essential that the certificate must contain following details: the date, time of the test, the identity data of the person having the test, the authorized centre responsible for the verification test and the negative  result.
What type of test:
• It does not have to be a PCR, we always speak of a diagnostic test for active infection by COVID-19 with a negative result. They can perfectly be an antigens test  much cheaper and faster.
This certificate will not be required from travellers who prove that they have been in the Canary Islands for 15 days, nor from Canarian residents who declare that they have not left the archipelago in the 15 days prior to their arrival at the establishment.
For more information about travel to the Canary Islands and Covid-19 please see our website
For any questions related to the tests before traveling to the Canary Islands, do not hesitate to contact: Leticia González Chacón: or call: 928 290579 – ext. # 4158.
Webpage from Turismo de Canarias: is available is 14 languages.

SPANISH GOVERNMENT HEALTH DECLARATION FORM (to be completed by all travellers in advance of travel to Spain. more info)

Official Spanish Government Guidance to reopening protocols for all sectors in the tourism sector

Spanish Golf Federation Reopening Protocols

Aldiana Club Costa del Sol SECURITY RULES

Arabella Golf Mallorca.Protocolo.Clientes.EN

Barcelo Golf Courses Health and Safety Measures

Bonalba Golf EN-Protocol-Players-2020-

Elba Hotels Health Cleaning Protocol. Ing

Fairplay Golf Spa Resort Health & Safety FP-ENG

Fuerte Hotels Safety & Hygiene Measures & Fuerte Group Hotels Instrucciones_Covid_20052020-2-V6-ENG

H10 Hotels Safety Program EN

Iberostar Travel at Ease Policy 26/11/2020:  Flyer_TravelAtEase

Iberostar Hotels Medical Advisory Board & Iberostar Group Letter_ Carta Grupo Iberostar. 22.05.2020

Iberostar How We Care Video (You Tube)

La Cala Resort Covid-19 Travel-Guarantee-Protocol

La Manga Club July Re-Opening Information

La Manga Club Rules for use of golf facilities – Covid-19 – 02

Marbella Golf Club – Final

Melia Hotels – Stay Safe with Melia Video (You Tube)

NH Hotels Feel Safe Protocols (includes Minor Group – NH Hotels, Tivoli Hotels, Anantara Hotels, Avani Hotels)

Precise Resort El Rompido Cartel A4_Seguridad Covid-19_EN1

Rio Real Golf Protocolo_Seguridad_RR_EN_web

Tecina Golf Resort la Gomera reopening-protocol



IMPORTANT – PORTUGAL TRAVEL INSURANCE – if your usual travel insurance is invalidated by UK Govt. advisories in place then this locally sourced policy specifically designed to fulfil your requirements in the current pandemic is a good option to keep your golfing trip to Portugal on track.

Latest Info from the Madeira Tourist Board

Trust and Transparency Turismo de Portugal 04 July 2020

Latest update from Visit Algarve (tourist board) 03/11/20

Portugal general info from Visit Portugal (tourist board)

“Clean & Safe” protocol from Visit Portugal (tourist board)


Dona Filipa Hotel Safety Measures and Response

Magnolia Hotel Quinta do Lago Hygiene & Safety

Morgado & Álamos Golf Club Restrictions

NH Hotels Feel Safe Protocols (includes Minor Group – NH Hotels, Tivoli Hotels, Anantara Hotels, Avani Hotels)

Penha Longa Golf Additional information

Penina Golf Resort Safety Measures and Response

Quinta da Ria_Cima Golf-Restrictions-due-to-Covid-19-outbreak

Robinson Club Quinta da Ria 19.06.2020

Royal Obidos Clean and Safe – EN

Salgados Golf Club Covid-19_


Travel Line Transfers – Protocols



  • For the passengers coming from United Kingdom to Turkey, PCR test result submission (made in the last 72 hours) is requested regardless of vaccination status of passenger.
  • Passengers who have two dose Covid-19 vaccine certificate (one dose Johnson & Johnson) that they received the vaccine at least 14 days before departure and not have been in United Kingdom, Iran, Egypt, Singapore, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, South Africa, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka in the last 14 days, are exempted from PCR test result submission.
  • Passengers with a positive COVID-19 test result test or have a recovery certificate taken in the past 6 months and not have been in United Kingdom, Iran, Egypt, Singapore, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, South Africa, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka in the last 14 days, are exempted from PCR test result submission.

Ela Quality Resort Belek Covid-19 Safety Measures

Titanic Hotels Hygiene Concept

Sueno Hotels COVID19

REGNUM Carya Hotel Safe Tourism Certificate

Regnum Carya Hotel COVID19

Maxx Royal – Covid-19

Kempinski The Dome Covid19

Kaya Resorts Hygiene Policy

Gloria Hotels Concept Covid19


Antalya Golf Club Covid19


Costa Navarino Greece health-safety_summer2020

Costa Navarino Greece – Summer 2020 info


COVID-19 Destination Protocol – (tourist board)


Car Rental Coronavirus Info (note that this applies only to car rentals booked for you by The Golf Travel People as part of your golf holiday booking with us)

Travel Line Transfers – Protocols

Please note that all the above documents are subject to amendment and updates at any time by our supplier partners and whilst we will try to keep this library updated with the latest updates we cannot guarantee the total accuracy and comprehensive nature of this library and therefore you should use this as non-binding guidance only.

23rd April 2020

In view of continuing directives that all travel is restricted throughout Europe and with the global impact of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) still severe, we understand that you will have questions about your upcoming travel plans.

We have already been in contact with, or attempted to contact the lead client on all bookings due to travel up to mid-July 2020 and if we have not already spoken with your group leader the purpose of this is four-fold:

1) to reassure you of your planned travel arrangements
2) to change the date of your booking if you wish to do so at this stage
3) to assist with any relevant paperwork that may be required by your travel insurance company
4) to issue a credit note to be used towards another holiday before December 2021 (see below for more details on your financial security when a credit note has been issued with no fixed travel date as yet confirmed)

Please note that any cancellation will be treated in line with our standard terms and conditions, where cancellation charges may apply. We advise you contact your insurance company in the first instance to see if you are able to recover any of the costs.

Financial Protection of Credit Notes and Rebooked Trips

Please note that this section applies to Package Travel Bookings that are covered under the Package Travel Regulations, considered to be “licensable” and therefore protected under the TRIP cover that protects consumers in the event of our financial failure.*

It has been confirmed by our financial failure insurer Towergate Travel and their underwriters Zurich that credit notes issued to clients who are as yet unable to re-confirm travel dates will be insured against financial failure in line with the cover that was in place for the originally booked trip.

Once we have heard from clients that their trip will not take place due to the Covid-19 crisis we will confirm that credit is held on account for use against a future re-booking and the TRIP failure cover insurance will be rolled forward until the new travel date can be confirmed and we can update the insurer about the specific re-booked travel dates at which point the booking will be placed back onto specific cover in relation to the new dates of travel.

Note that amount of cover in place is equal only to the original booking value until the new dates and any increased value is communicated to us and cover increased as appropriate by our insurer.

If you have provided a new intended date of travel the TRIP failure cover will automatically be amended to align with the new travel date.

* Green-fee-only (or golf-only) bookings are not and have never been covered under this scheme.

Where should I go for the latest travel advice?
The UK Government is publishing up to date travel advice in relation to COVID-19: